Russian Roulette

Life is just a game of Russian roulette.
You play your reckless game,
never knowing when that bullet
will finally lodge into your brain,
and instead of bowing out,
giving yourself one last chance to be redeemed,
you keep pulling the trigger,
reveling in the constant clicking in your ear.
You’ve stared down the barrel of that gun so many times,
you’re convinced that you’re invincible.
Why do you do this to yourself, when you know
there’s always a chance you’ll lose the game?
Is the rush so good that you’d risk everything,
when you’re not even insured?
You forget that your body is nothing but a rental
that bruises, bleeds, blackens, and bloats.
Then, back to dust you go.
But you always forget. You always forget that
life can end in a split second,
as quickly as a gun firing its last bullet…

The Fall of Lucifer

Swift as lightening, the morning star fell,
down to earth, where he would dwell.
Two-thirds of angels go tumbling after,
accepting their fates, come time for rapture.
The sky lit a fire by the seraph of song,
who seemed to descend all night long.
His skin grew cold and his bones, through his head,
as he tried in vain to fly away from the dead,
but he hit the ground with such a brute force,
that it disrupted nature’s peaceful course.
He dusted off his dirty wings, contorted and torn,
while he surveyed the desert, barren and forlorn.
He shouted at the heavens, cursing The Groom,
but no one answered, so he swore to the world’s doom.
He sacrificed forgiveness for a destiny so dire,
to bestow woe to man, making him fit for fire.

*Inspired by Underoath’s album “Disambiguation”*

Jesus (Cinquain)

Son, healer, king
Dying, saving, rising
Forgiving sin and changing lives
The Christ

*A cinquain consists of five lines, each requiring a certain number of syllables and a specific topic. Line 1: Title (noun) - 2 syllables/ Line 2: Description- 4 syllables/ Line 3: Action- 6 syllables/ Line 4: Feeling (phrase) - 8 syllables/ Line 5: Title (synonym for the title) - 2 syllables*

Ignorant Bliss (Sonnet)

Satan whispers sweet nothings in my ear.
Then, he guides my trembling hand towards peril.
He tells me all the lies I want to hear,
as he sits back and watches me stumble.

I try to escape, but I’m swallowed whole
by the abyss, as I’m gasping for air.
As I make a desperate plea for my soul,
Lucifer pulls me out of my despair.

I thank him kindly, giving him my life,
while I watch in wonder, as he woos me.
But our bargain ceases to heal my strife,
for his stipulations, I cannot see.

My delusion will be my undoing,
and out of God’s mouth I will come spewing.

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